ElectroChemistry SIMulation Tools


ECSIM is a research team includes researchers who work on electrochemical science and software programming. These two types of researchers joined toghether to provide applied simulation open source software that focused on practical science and engineering. Producted software will be useful for other researchers who investigate in applied electrochemistry such as electrochemical power sources (like fuel cells). The target of ECSIM is promotion of open source software by useful and inclusive programming languages like Python, reinforcement of electrochemical investigation with using valid modules and equations in one simulation pack and eventually, help electrochemist researchers.


  • OPEM - Open Source PEM Fuel Cell Simulation Tool
  • GOPEM - GUI for OPEM
  • PEM-Dataset1 - Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Dataset
  • DBFC-Dataset - Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell Dataset

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